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10 Dangerous Animals You Should Run Away From

Published on 05 Feb 2020 / In Pets & Animals

10 Dangerous Animals You Should Run Away From

The world is filled with millions of species of animals. Some of them are quite harmless, quietly living
their lives, while some of them are just downright dangerous. Today we will be looking at 10 of the most
dangerous animals that you should run away from. Make sure you stay tuned, and stay away from
number one. The number of fatalities these animals cause is simply staggering.

Number 10. Sharks
We’re not talking about an individual species of shark; we are lumping the entire family in as a whole.
Movies and media are often spreading the picture of sharks being ferocious killers that eat and destroy
everything that comes in their way, but it’s quite exaggerated and many shark species are harmless to
Each year, there are around 75 shark attacks, whereas most arise from a misunderstanding that a surfer
looks similar to seals. However, only 10 out of these attacks result in the death of the victim.
With that said, of course, sharks, especially the Great White and Bull sharks are incredibly powerful
predators that should always be respected, but they don’t really see humans as food. So, if you’re
scared of sharks, don’t think of them as the monsters killing thousands of people each year because that
is not true.

Number 9. Ants
It’s quite counter intuitive to think that ants are more dangerous animals than sharks. But the fact is that
they are. While sharks cause the average if 10 fatalities yearly, triple that number for ants. 30 casualties
every year are attributed to ant attacks.
One particular species to take note of is the bulldog ant. This red, angry-looking variety of ant is one of
the largest and most aggressive species of ants on the planet. They have large mandibles and venomous
stings that, in humans, causes intense pain, the worst of any insect sting, that can last for several days.
They are so aggressive that whenever this ant is cut in half, the head and the tail will actually fight and
try to kill each other.
Another one worth mentioning is the bullet ant. They are is known to have one of the most painful
stings. It is found in South America and is also known as the 24-hour ant because of the pain you feel for
up to 24 hours after being stung. Some victims even describe being stung by this ant as painful as being
shot with a bullet.

Number 8. Bees and Wasps
In truth, bees and wasps should have landed higher in our list of the most dangerous animals in the
world. The problem is, nobody in the world is actively keeping track of fatalities attributed to them. In
the US alone, 50 people per year succumb to bee and wasp attacks. For all we know, that number could
balloon to 500 if we include worldwide attacks.

Case in point is the Japanese Giant Hornet. Every year up to 40 deaths are recorded by the sting of
Japanese hornet. The venom of Japanese Hornet would cause an allergic reaction and dissolve tissues
within the short time. The repeated stinging from the group of Hornets could also result in death.
Japanese hornets are very aggressive and fearless. One hornet alone is more than capable of dispatching
40 individual bees all by its lonesome, but these guys rarely operate alone. Each colony of Japanese
Hornet contains up to 700 members. They feed on honey bee larvae to a significant amount.

Number 7. Deer
You wouldn’t think it, but deer are actually quite dangerous creatures. In fact, the yearly worldwide
average of deer related fatalities is at least 300 people. But how come these normally docile creatures
be the cause of so many deaths?
Well, deer have horns and you might think that these would be the main cause of human fatalities. But
that’s very wrong. Yes, admittedly, there have been recorded cases of fatal deer horn impalement but
that’s very rare and far in between. The latest one being a man in Arkansas who was gored to death by a
deer he shot and thought was already dead only in October of this year.
With that said, the vast majority of deer related fatalities happen when deer cross the road, usually at
dusk or at dawn. Couple that with a sleepy driver then we have a definite recipe for disaster. In the US
alone, over 150 cases are reported each year of people running over deer on the highway, with very
tragic results.

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