10 Unbelievable Animals That Saved Other Animals

Published on 05 Feb 2020 / In Pets & Animals

10 Unbelievable Animals That Saved Other Animals

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10 Unbelievable Animals that Saved Other Animals

It seems like a lot of us here love animals! I mean, who doesn’t? They are good companions and they’re fun to look at. Whether it’s at home, in the zoo or in the wild, animals definitely bring a lot of happiness to our lives. Also, there are a lot of good things we can learn from the animal kingdom, and heroism is one of them. There have been many times in which animals have put their lives at risk for the sake of others that are completely different to them. Today we’ll be looking at some of the most unbelievable animals that saved other animals. You’ll be surprised to see the animals in action, rescuing others in ways that even a human would never be able to. Make sure you see which act of heroism is on top of this list! These animal heroes will surely shock you.

The Bear and The Crow

Bears are fluffy and cute...when you look at them from far! But in reality, they are quite majestic and intimidating. If you remember well, they’re some of the biggest animals on land and they can be quite threatening if you were to find them in the wild. Not only they will steal your food, but they can make a meal out of you if they decided to. So how can one of them become a hero to a dying bird? I mean, look at them, they’re so big and birds are so little! That is something that I can’t explain, but it happened in the Budapest Zoo and here is a video of this rescue in which a bear helped a crow after finding the bird in the water, very close to drowning. For a moment it seemed like the bear was desperate to get its claws on the poor crow and take advantage of it. However, once the bird was out, the bear was back to whatever he was doing and the bird was able to live.

The Dolphin and the Whale

Whales beaching themselves seems to be quite common. While the situation is a mystery to us humans, we are always eager to help them out and send them back to the ocean when we see a problem like that. This is exactly what happened in New Zealand, when a whale beached itself and a group of people came to the rescue, pushing the big animal back into the water. However, their efforts seemed to have little effect as the whale kept coming back to shore. The humans were ready to give up when a famous dolphin came over to offer some help. The dolphin communicated with the whale and the animal quickly followed. It seemed like the whale went from being stressed and scared to hopeful and confident in just a matter of seconds. Despite the effort of many humans, all the whale needed was just another aquatic friend to tell him what to do.

The Rottweiler that Saved a Smaller Dog

Alright, a dog saving another dog doesn’t seem that impressive or unbelievable at first. After all, they’re the same species. But wait ‘til you hear this story! It was early one morning in a suburban neighborhood when a small dog’s owners stepped away from their little dog Trixxie, not knowing that a coyote was ready to prey on their small pet. It only took a few seconds for the coyote to attack Trixxie and start carrying the little dog away. Luckily for Trixxie, the neighbor’s Rottweiler heard the noise and immediately came to the rescue of his fellow canine friend. He jumped on the coyote, which gave Trixxie a chance to escape. The Rottweiler, being so protective and territorial, made sure to chase the coyote far away from the property. I’m sure this coyote didn’t come back for a second time!

The Orangutan and The Chicken

And once again, another bird was drowning. This time it was a chicken and its hero an orangutan. You can’t expect anything less from these intelligent primates. However, being such a big animal in comparison to the small chick, it took the orangutan some work to get the bird to safety. After a first attempt, the chicken was back again in the water, but the orangutan didn’t just give up. All it took was for the orangutan to put a leaf right in front of the bird so it could lacht on to it. The orangutan then placed the bird on the grass and gently stroked it. This act shows heroism, but it also shows the ape’s complex intelligence and caring nature. It must have been great to witness this act.

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